Saturday, 8 July 2017


After weeks of public furore and media frenzy, a
sudden blackout has descended on the case of
Chukwuduneme Onwuamadike a.k.a. Evans,

Nigeria’s infamous billionaire kidnapper, thus
fuelling speculations that he’s escaped, or dead.
SunNews has however gathered that Evans is
not dead as his family now fears but has been
moved from the Lagos police command
headquarters cell by  30 heavily armed men
at midnight few days ago to an undisclosed

 Some senior police officers in the know told Saturday Sun he was moved to Abuja
Indeed, in the last few days, a palpable silence
seemed to have enshrouded the Evans
phenomenon. Where is Evans? It is a question
the police is not prepared to officially answer
right now.

A man who hitherto divulged the
details of his criminal life to the public almost
on a daily basis is suddenly no longer accessible
to even the press corps.
All a Saturday Sun reporter who visited the state
police command was told was that Evans is no
longer allowed to talk to the press till further

 The secrecy surrounding his whereabouts
in the official quarters baffles those who have
closely followed his story since his arrest.
After days of sniffing around the Lagos police
formations to get information on Evans
whereabouts, it was gathered that the kidnap
kingpin had been moved out of the Lagos
command headquarters days ago by heavily
armed policemen and is yet to be returned.

Police had last week said they had got a court
order to detain him for three months to give
them enough time to complete their
investigation. This followed two suits filed by
Evans lawyer, Olukoya Ogungbeje, at the High
Court seeking his release and claiming N300m
damages from the police.
Some senior police officers who spoke to
Saturday Sun on condition of anonymity
expressed fears that Evans might not make it to
the court.

They argued that he might plot his
escape from prison, or get across to some of his
members who are still on the run. Their concerns
are not farfetched, given that several inmates in
the past had reportedly committed much heinous
crimes even while in prison.
Some of the officers confirmed that Evans was
no longer in the police cell in Lagos. “He has not
been returned since he was moved out.

Evans is a broken man; police can’t resort to extra-
judicial killings at this point. He is cooperating,
and he is ready to help return all his ill-gotten
wealth as soon as possible”, one of the officers
Another reliable source at the police command
told Saturday Sun
“Evans is not an ordinary criminal. I guess that
they took him out for further investigation but I
don’t know why they are yet to return him to his
cell.” The source further assured: “No one is
planning to kill Evans. I believe that they will
return him later. He could be in any good cell in
the state for security reasons, but I can assure you that he is not dead yet. Even if anything
happens to him, if he dies in custody, it will be
as a result of cancer which he claims he is
suffering from.”
Yet another senior police officer who preferred
anonymity assured that Evans is okay.
“He is okay and seriously cooperating with the
police in its investigation. From the look of
things, he might not spend up to three months in
detention before he’s charged to court. As for his
location, I assure you that he is in a protective
custody somewhere out of town.”

The officer who reinforced fears within the police
circle, said that “a criminal is always a criminal,”
adding that, “with the number of robbery cases
and kidnappings to his credit, he is well known
among criminals.”
He told Saturday Sun: “Within the short period
that he spent in our cell, he is already controlling
inmates in the cell. They fear and respect him;
we do not want to run the risk of allowing him
to form another notorious group which is
common amongst them.”
On why his family is yet to get access to him,
the officer said that they are yet to approach the
police. “A lot of his family members benefitted
from his ill-gotten wealth, so they are afraid to
come close to the police station.

Evans confirmed that he bought a car for his
father and also gave him N3m. The police will
recover such money and properties.
We will soon get a warrant to pick his father up
and possibly his mother, who also benefitted.”
Calls and text messages to both the Lagos
Police Spokesman, Olarinde Famous-Cole and
the Force PRO, Moshood Jimoh on the official
position of the Police on Evans’ whereabouts
were neither answered nor responded to as at
10pm yesterday.

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