Saturday, 8 July 2017


Bengaluru Cyber Crime Police, on Wednesday, arrested Augustin Anyeva Peter, 45, for committing car sfraud through declassified ads site OLX.
Augustin took photos of luxury cars parked in posh areas of the city and posted the images on OLX, pretending to “sell” the cars at very low rates and accepting advance payments from prospective customers. 

Augustin went to India on a 15-day travel visa. He and his gang snapped pictures of high end cars parked outside malls and hotels and uploaded the images on OLX and attracted customers with a reasonable to very low selling prices

A local resident was also arrested in connection to the fraud case. Police booked 35-year-old Jagadish Kumar, for activating a SIM card with duplicate address provided by Augustin. 

Augustin used many duplicate addresses to open bank accounts. He’d given the same photo to all banks with different names. 

When customers called Augustin to enquire about the car sale, he would spin a lie and tell them he was a foreign student who had just completed his education and would be returning to his native country, so he’s looking to sell his vehicle. 
Taken in by his glib tale, customers transferred advance money into his bank account. As soon as he received the payment, Augustin would debit the amount and deactivate his SIM card.

Long Live LUB 

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