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Story Time ::A Dream Of A Mother Episode 5


Episode 5

Madam Lagos named the child, Dayo and took care of the child, like a grandmother would do. When Dayo was a year old, she threw the biggest party in Oshogbo and even invited her son and his family. Her son, Gberan and his wife, Bella, just had a baby boy too, who was a few months younger than Dayo. The moment Gberan set eyes on Dayo, he liked the little boy, for he was comely and had a smile on his face for everyone.

Gberan: “Mother, you have such a kind heart, to take in a total stranger and care for her child , even when she is dead. I love you mother” he said and embraced his mother.
Madam Lagos: “I love you too my son. I also taught you to be kind, and I hope you learned from me because your kindness would be needed” she said and held her son’s gaze. Whenever his mother got like that, she always made a request that was more like an order.
Gberan: “What is it mother?” he asked
Madam Lagos: “I am an old woman, and there is so much an old woman can do. I want you to take Dayo with you back to Lagos. I want you to take care of him, like your own son, and give him the best just like you would do to your son, Ken” she said.
Gberan: “Mother, you know I have never been able to refuse you, but you also know how Bella is, I don’t know how she will take this. Can I talk to her first?” he asked with a worried frown on his brow.

Madam Lagos: “You can talk to her, but, regardless of what she says, you will take Dayo with you to Lagos.” She retorted, with a note of finality in her voice, and turned away with a frown. Madam Lagos had never supported Gberan’s marriage to Bella. She had seen in the woman, certain selfishness and her eyes were thirsty. She was the type of person that would do anything to get their desires. But Gberan had said he loved her and wanted her for wife, so she had no choice but to bless their union. However, both women had stayed away from each other’s path. It was the reason Madam Lagos rarely visited her son in Lagos. Even when she did, she stayed in a hotel throughout the duration of her stay.

So it happened that despite Bella’s hesitation, Dayo was taken to Lagos to live with them, as a son. A nanny was employed for him, as Bella had refused to take part in his upbringing.
Bella: “I have my own son, Gberan” she would say anytime her husband complained about her nonchalance towards the little boy.
Gberan: “And God has decided to bless you with another son. Why don’t you like the boy, everyone does” he would always try to persuade his wife.

“ Yes that is the problem. Everyone loves Dayo, nobody thinks of my own son, Ken”
The child grew both in wisdom and grace. Gberan made sure he had the best of everything, at 3 he already could swim, play the piano, and talk intelligently. This only made Gberan love him the more, even more than he loved his own son. The little boy took Bella as his mother and Gberan as his father, even though his little mind always wondered why his mother, Bella was always cold to him. Who wouldn’t prefer Dayo to Ken though, where Dayo was affectionate, Ken was entitled, where Dayo was smart and wise beyond his years, Ken was dull and only thought of what was his.
Things came to a head when they were five years old, Dayo was already ahead of Ken in class, because he got double promotions. Ken began to envy Dayo, especially as he felt his father loved Dayo more. He took his complaints to his mother.

Ken: “Mommy, why does daddy like my brother more than me?” he asked
Bella: “No my child, your father dos not love Dayo more than you. He loves you more than anything in this world because you are his, but Dayo is not” she said, as she kissed the child’s tears away. But in her heart she began to wonder if her husband and his mother had not played a fast one on her. Why would a man favor another man’s child to his own child, except the other child was really his.
“ Hay God, Gberan and his mother brought his love child into my home. Gberan impregnated someone and brought the child into my home” she thought as she stroked her son’s hair.
That was the beginning of misery for Dayo. Bella told her husband that the child didn’t need his nanny anymore, as she had decided to take care of him. Gberan was overjoyed to have his wife come around. But Bella did not take care of Dayo as she had said she would, she began to maltreat the boy. She would make the maid relax, while Dayo did all the chores, even wash clothes. She would also make the little boy go hungry and would only feed him dinner because she knew her husband would ask if he had eaten when he came from work, and Dayo was known never to tell lies. Gberan got a promotion at the office and became extremely busy, and Dayo’s misery got worse.

When Halima had told her boyfriend of the pregnancy, he had accepted and asked her to marry him, on the condition that she would convert to Christianity. Halima did not see any way out because she knew her father would disown her if she was found pregnant. So she told her parents that she wanted to marry a Christian. After the marriage, she left with her husband to America, where she gave birth to a baby girl and named her Cassandra. After ten years sojourning in the States, Halima and her family came back to Nigeria to live in Lagos. Her husband was employed as a regional manager in the company that Gberan worked. Due to Gberan’s high performance as a branch manager, he became close with his boss, Halima’s husband. The two families became friends, and Ken began to like Cassandra.
However, Cassandra had only eyes for Dayo. Whenever she was with Ken, she would only ask of Dayo. This only fueled the animosity that Ken had for Dayo.
Ken: “Mother, why does my brother take everything from me. He has even taken away Cassandra” he cried to his mother.
Bella: “He is a usurper, he is not your brother because I did not give birth to him” she replied coldly.
Ken: “I don’t understand mother. If he is not my brother, where did he come from?” he asked curiously.

Bella: “That I don’t know, but he is not your brother, and you should not allow him take anything away from you, not even your father’s love” she told the ten yeasr old Ken.
One day, Dayo was sitting all alone in the kitchen, he had tears in his eyes because, there was no doubt that his mother, Bella didn’t love him. His father was always away from the house, and he was feeling abandoned. Cassandra had come visiting with her mother, Halima, and when she didn’t see Dayo anywhere in the house, she knew he would be in the kitchen. She often wondered if he was a house boy, or a son as he was always doing one chore or the other.
Cassandra: “Dayo, are you crying?” she asked, as she had been standing for a while and seen his shoulder shudder.
Dayo: “Cassandra, when did you come?” he asked and quickly wiped his tears.
Cassandra: “What is wrong?” she asked coming to sit with him on the kitchen floor. It was in this position that Ken came in and saw them.
Ken: “I don’t know what you see in this good for nothing orphan. I am the son of this family, and I deserve your attention”
Dayo: “Ken, why would you call me an orphan when mother and father are not dead” he said standing up. For the first time in his life, Dayo was really angry.

Ken: “Well, my father and mother did not give birth to you, so if you say you are not an orphan, go look for your parents” he sneered.
Cassandra: “Don’t listen to him” she said to Dayo, and then she turned to Ken, “What is your problem, why are you throwing tantrums like a five year who got his candy taken?” she asked, with her hands on her little waist.
Ken: “I am only saying the truth” he said and turned to leave, but Dayo grabbed him, and turned him to face him. Before Ken could protest, Dayo swung his hand and hit Ken on the lips. Ken’s lips broke and blood spurted from it.
Ken: “You are so leaving this house today” he said as he ran to his mother.

When Gberan came back from work, he was met with an angry wife, who accosted him the moment he stepped his foot in the house.
Bella: “You have to take that child back to your mother. It was enough that you brought your lovechild to my house, but what I will not take is that child hurting my own child” she yelled.
Gberan: ‘What are you even talking about, Dayo is not my lovechild” he replied, with surprise etched on his face.
Bella: “Don’t give me that crap, you love him more than Ken, it can only mean that he is your child too, and since I didn’t give birth to him, fill in the gaps” she thundered.
Gberan: “Dayo is the child of a woman my mother rescued from accident. His mother is dead and he needed a family, it is the reason my mother told me to bring him here. Dayo is a lovable child, I don’t get why you don’t love him like everyone does” he replied, dropping his suitcase on the floor and falling wearily into a chair.

Bella: “How can I love a child who is eclipsing my own child?” she retorted
Gberan: “No one is eclipsing Ken, he just has to learn to be a better person” he quipped, bending down to unlace his shoes.
Bella: “Are you questioning the way I bring him up?” she quizzed and soon they were in a shouting fit, they did not realize that Dayo was already in the sitting room, and had heard everything.
Dayo: “Who is(to be cont'd)

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