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Story Time ::A Dream Of A Mother Episode 7


Episode 7

Damilola and his wife Tania looked at each other awkwardly. Tania wondered if Dayo was Gberan’s love child. She thought herself the better woman because, even though she did not give her husband any children, at the least, he didn’t have a love child outside, or did he? She peered into her husband’s face and the latter understood why she was looking at him that closely. He shook his head in a negative reply. He however, wished that he had a love child somewhere, waiting for him to discover, but that was impossible. The only woman who had conceived for him died with the pregnancy because, he was not there to take responsibility.
Tania: “Darling, we got to leave now, this family need their privacy to sort out their issues.” She quipped, breaking into her husband’s thoughts, and then she turned to Bella, her friend and said, “Bella dear, I am sorry about all you have been going through, thought this was beyond Gberan. I don’t know what I would have done if Dami had a love child” She expected any reaction from Bella, but what she didn’t expect was for her grin to get wider, like she was smiling to an inside joke that only her knew.

“ We will see what you will do about this. In fact Tania, I am counting on what you would do” She thought and the laughter bubbled in her throat. Tania wanted to laugh at her, but she didn’t know that the joke was on her. Gberan saw the visiting couple off, but Bella remained in place, the wheels of her brain were already turning, and her plan was becoming solid in her mind’s eye, like molten magma.
Immediately Gberan came back from seeing the couple off, he turned on his wife, with angry eyes.

Gberan: “What the heck is wrong with you, why are you being so cold and aloof?” He barked, he had long lost his patience with his wife. She was neither a good wife nor a good mother.
Bella: “Oh did you want me to cry?” she guffawed and flipped him off. As she turned to leave, Gberan grabbed her by the arm and flung her back to face him. Bella stared at him wide eyed, something told her that this Gberan was not taking any of her antics, but she ignored the voice of reasoning.
Gberan: “What is going on with your son, why is he acting like a damn girl!?” he asked
Bella: “Now he is my son? If only you had given him all the attention you give to Dayo, who is someone else’s child, Ken would be better” she mouthed off.

Gberan: “What have you done to help him as his mother. I go out every day so that you can have the life you have today and be able to compete with your friend Tania, the simplest you could have done is take care of Ken. He misbehaved in the presence of strangers and you were not bothered. You are not the Bella I married” he spat and turned to leave, but he was stopped cold by the words he heard next.
Bella: “You are not even the man I wanted to marry. How is that for regrets?” she sneered. Gberan turned and stared at her unbelievably, but she stared back, and even went further, “Damilola was the man I wanted, but he chose Tania, obviously because of Tania’s family’s connections. So, don’t get ahead of yourself” She was not done talking, when Gberan struck her across the face, so fast that it was like lightening.

Bella: “Gberan, you slapped me” she quipped, stunned that her husband slapped her.
Gberan: “I will slap you even more, if you do not shut that pit you call a mouth. I have taken so much from you, even to the annoyance of my mother, but it has gotten up to the neck and I am done tolerating you. You got to put your acts together, or else…” he didn’t complete the sentence but he pointed at her threateningly, before walking away.

A single tear trickled down her eye, she had prided herself on having the most dutiful and doting husband who never raised his hands on her no matter how badly she behaved, but because of Dayo, he had done it.
Bella: “Gberan, you slapped me, I will hurt you where you will feel the sting, and you won’t even know I did it” She soliloquized, not knowing that Dayo had witnessed everything.
The little boy went to his room and began to pray for his foster dad, Gberan, and himself.
Dayo: “Dear God in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Please God protect my father, Gberan, from the villain lady, also protect me and keep me from all those who want to punish me for no reason” he said, before he went to bed.
Dayo had a reprieve when Gberan announced the next day that he was on his annual leave, and would be spending it with his family. He cooked delicious meals for them in the kitchen, while Dayo helped out. Dayo was the son Gberan wished for, the boy was inquisitive, and wanted to learn new things.
Dayo: “What do they call this soup, it smells great and it is not Yoruba soup. Ours is only efo this,
efo that” he said with a smirk. Gberan pushed him away playfully and smiled. Dayo had a good sense of humor along with his smartness, and Gberan was convinced that the child was armed with what he needed to be successful in life.
Gberan: “Perhaps you want to be Deltan abi, since you like their soup so much. This is banga soup” he said.
Dayo: “Guess I can make it when you resume back to work” he said stirring the broth on the burner.
Gberan: “Why would you do that, your mummy Bella will cook it for you” he said
Dayo: “Hmmn” he hummed and fell silent, but Gberan knew instantly that something was wrong.
Gberan: “Dayo, what is wrong, speak up now and don’t you lie to me” he said in a strict voice.
Dayo: “Well, it is no big deal that I cook all the meals around here” he said in a small voice.
Gberan: “What!” he exclaimed and dropped the bowl of mixed meat that was about to go into the pot of soup. He grabbed Dayo by the hand and marched out of the kitchen, yelling his wife’s name all to the way to the living quarters.
Gberan: “Bella!” he yelled. His son, Ken, came out of his room and glared at Dayo who was being led by the hand.
“ Mother, whatever you want to do, you got to do it quick, or else Dayo is going to make father angry with you too” He thought, but he frowned when his father passed him without even acknowledging him.

Bella had travelled to Oshogbo to find out all she could, she didn’t want to find out later she was wrong. She wanted to make sure that her gun was smoking. She stayed in a motel where she had been told that the manager knew everything that happened in the town. She knew that if she wanted to get information, that was the right place to go.
Damilola went home and pondered his situation, no matter how much they tried to have children, Tania still didn’t conceive, and he could not help but think it was his fault. He remembered Khadijat of his youth, his mother had told him that she died in an accident, while running away from her father, who wanted to kill her because she brought shame to the family, a shame that he was responsible for. He could not help but think that Khadijat’s spirit had cursed him in her time of suffering, and that was the reason they couldn’t have children.

Seeing Dayo had brought back memories he had tried to bury because, Dayo had the same mocha skin complexion like Khadijat. His eyes too was without guile as a child’s eyes ought to be, but Khadijat had those same eyes because, she was the most innocent girl he ever met, she trusted easily and doubted no one.
“And that was the reason you used me and left me high and dry” He thought he heard a voice whisper it in the air, but when he looked around the garden where he was standing and having a smoke, there was no one. He felt goose bumps on his skin. He laughed at his fortune, while he had no child, others were having even illegitimate children, and yet he was hearing Khadijat’s voice in his head. What was it about the boy Dayo that resurrected buried memories, he wondered.

Question: Will Bella find any information in Oshogbo, and if she does, what will she do with it. Will Damilola ever find his way to his son?

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